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Price adjustments reserve - a diving only on own risk
(all diving courses inclusive standard equipment, diving permission and diving leader. With own equipment, i.e. only bottle and lead by us, grant we are placed to 10 % reduction on the diving courses )

Diving course of the beach: Diving permission and diving leader
Diving different reefs
Night diving course of the beach: inclusive UW lamp
2.Time dive transfer specially (own equipment ) 1 .day
4.Time dive transfer specially (own equipment ) 2 day
6.Time dive: Transfer specially (own equipment ) 3 day
8 .Time dive transfer specially (own equipment )4 day
10. Time: Transfer specially (own equipment )5 day
To 5. Km transfer free of charge

Diving training:
International Brevet
Bronze course Theory/pool/5 diving courses approx.4 days .Brevet inclusive.Registration
Rate of silver 6 diving courses/2 theory units Vorraussetzung: 20 diving courses approx.. 5 day
Gold rate 6 diving courses/2 theory units Vorraussetzung: 80 diving courses approx.. 5 days
For the papers, log and course book we must compute € 10 specially. With existing papers these do not have again to be acquired!
!!! OFFER !!! Discovry Diving with A&P team
Theory , exercise in the sea in 2 m. depth, meal, 2.Time Dive

Transfer: to the diving districts
Transfer with meals
ABC borrow to snorkels /transfer specially